Project 150

Project 150 is a contest over the course of 5 years. We will be giving away 6 NRA annual memberships a month for a total of 360 new memberships.

Project 150 is an effort to make the NRA stronger by reaching out to new members and creating a membership base for the future. In doing so WE can engage younger members to make the NRA stronger.

Project 150 is a contest over the course of 5 years. WE and our partners will be giving away six NRA annual memberships a month, every month, for a total of 360 new memberships.


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Project 150

Partners providing these free annual memberships

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Additional contests:

We will have an annual drawing a month before each NRA annual meeting picking an annual winner for that year that winner will receive tickets to EITHER the NRA-ILA meeting OR the concert for that year at the NRA annual meeting. Anyone that chooses to become a life member OR a 5 year consecutive member at anytime will be entered into an annual drawing to win a $150 gift card to JCAA and ammunition.

ANYONE can enter to win the prizes even if they don’t win an annual membership from us. All they have to do is simply register for the drawing and then simply choose to become a an annual member, 5 year consecutive member or Life member.

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Once registered, email us at [email protected] and we’ll enter you.

On the show closest to December 31st 2021 we will pick 2 final grand prize winners. The first category is anyone that became an annual member or won an annual membership. They will receive a $300 gift card to JCAA and ammunition.

The second category will be the grand prize for anyone that upgraded to a life membership during the contest period, which consists of a VIP package at the 150th NRA annual meeting that will be located in Houston TX {$2500 value}

ANYONE can register to win IF you are already an NRA annual member we will just add a year to your membership if your name is drawn and you will also be entered to win the annual prizes as well as the grand prize.


Once you become a member whether it be an annual, 5 year or Life, you will need to maintain that membership throughout the contest period.

We will request proof of your consecutive years membership before prizes will be awarded.

Must be over 21 years old.