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How often does this happen to you? You’ve cornered the pesky Gold Mine Bandit in a cave, and you’re blocking the only exit. Reach for a stick of dynamite, intent on sealing the the cave and burying the Gold Mine Bandit once and for all. You slide your trusty Bic from your pocket and go to light fuse of the dynamite, but oh no! It was crushed in that scuffle you had with the Black Eye Boys earlier this morning! It’s nothing but a worthless pile of plastic shards. If only you had something that was super durable. Something that was made of metal. American manufacturing and the ability to light sticks of dynamite in the wind would be nice too. And a really great warranty. Maybe something that’s been carried and proven by American bounty hunters like yourself for generations. Ooh! And you know what would be the icing on the cake!? What if it sported a custom engraving that showed the world you had the class and sophistication of your favorite podcast!?

The wait is *almost* over!

We’re now taking preorders for custom engraved We Like Shooting Zippos! These white Zippos will be laser engraved to show the WLS logo and #whitecake in brass. Preorders will be open until Friday, July 13, 2018. After that preorders will be closed and we’ll get started on the first batch. Show your support for We Like Shooting, and America, by preordering a totally bad ass lighter. They’re not just for lighting dynamite, they light cannons, fireworks, torches, and (in the wrong hands) forest fires.

The image on this page is only a mockup. It is intended to give a rough idea of what the item will look like.

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