Fantastic Plastic: Round Two TNArms Co’s Gen IV Initial Impressions

 TNArms Co Lower Review After posting my first initial impressions video and writeup, I was contacted by the folks at TNArms Co, who wanted to take another shot. The lower I had originally been working with was a Gen III model, which they are no longer producing or selling. I gladly accepted, and they swapped the lowers. That immediately won some points in my book. While I still wasn’t sure about the product, it was at least nice to see that the company would make any problems right. From the moment the new Gen IV lower showed up, I...

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Fantastic Plastic – TNArmsCo Lower Initial Impressions

With the polymer revolution forever changing the handgun world, it’s not surprising that polymer would begin to appear in the rifle world as well. Much of the furniture for AR pattern rifles is already made of polymer, so a polymer AR lower seems like the obvious progression. A number of companies have begun manufacturing polymer lowers to varying degrees of success. TNArms Co has set out to be the best. Right out of the box I noticed a few things. The lower is very light. 5.6oz, according to the TNArms website. I haven’t had an opportunity to weigh it...

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Danner Tachyon Hot – Lightweight and sassy!

Lightweight Tactical Boots Four or five years ago I purchased a pair of black leather Rocky’s. They had aggressive tread, they were water proof, and they were heavy like a pair of bricks. The aggressive tread and waterproof lining meant that they were nearly perfect for the cold wet snowy conditions we experience in Montana eight months out of the year. The problem, though, was that they were worthless in the shop, or in the summer time. The waterproof lining that kept me warm and dry in the snow kept my feet soggy and hot everywhere else. After a...

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Shoulder holster with a twist

K.L. Null SMZ The K.L. Null SMZ is a lightweight shoulder holster designed to carry a pistol tightly under the armpit with the muzzle pointing upwards. A loop goes over the weak side arm, and then a strap travels the distance from the top of the weak shoulder, over the back of the neck, down the strong side of the user’s torso, and clips onto the user’s belt. The straps are made of a synthetic material that resembles leather (smooth on the outside, textured and soft on the inside). The holster is simple and compact, and made of a smooth folded plastic material. A single strap is riveted to the holster. This is the interesting part; the strap travels behind the pistol’s trigger and fastens tightly on the other side with a snap. This setup is very secure, and presents no more risk of pulling the trigger than any other holster. A set of instructions are provided with the holster demonstrating how to draw from the rather unique rig. The user must push up, and twist the gun out. This action is supposed to unsnap the strap and slip it out from behind the gun’s trigger. In theory, the SMZ  is a compact, though non-traditional, holster that should hold a compact pistol in a comfortable and easy to reach position. In theory. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an answer to my...

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CMC Drop In Trigger

Chip McCormick has been around since 1986 when he introduced the Shooting Star line of magazines for the 1911 platform. Over the years CMC has manufactured numerous parts for the 1911 pistol, and AR rifle. When I saw that a line of AR triggers were being produced under the CMC name, I jumped at the chance to try one. The CMC trigger comes in a rather novel self contained cartridge. Rather than having three major pieces like a typical GI trigger, the CMC wraps those pieces in a stamped stainless shell and rivets them in place. This means that...

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SeatCarry Holster

Car Carry? The SeatCarry holster is a simple, resilient, and useful system. Even if you don’t carry a gun regularly, you will find use for it. In its basic form, the SeatCarry is a seat cover that fits over the bottom half of a car seat. It features a large pocket that hangs from the front of the seat, covered by a flap. Made from a durable vinyl material, the SeatCarry has polypropylene netting on the underside (similar to what you would find under rungs, or in kitchen drawers) and two nylon straps with plastic buckles. The straps go...

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NEMO Arms Omen .300 Winchester Magnum

 Nemo Omen Review The Omen is a new rifle from NEMO Arms of Kalispell, Mt. While based on the AR platform; this is not just another “poodle shooter”. What sets this rifle apart is that it’s not chambered for the typical slew of intermediate cartridges that have become common in the AR world. This rifle is chambered in the ever impressive .300WM cartridge. The rifle features a twenty two inch barrel, a Geisel 2 stage trigger, nickel boron coated bolt carrier and barrel extension, a right side reciprocating charging handle, and a patent pending recoil reduction system. The weapon...

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Case Lightweight Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife Review

W.R. Case & Sons has been making knives here in the U.S. for over 120 years. They’re currently owned by another beloved company, Zippo. Growing up, Case knives were always a household name. My brother is a very loyal fan of the Sod Buster series of knives, and it seems my dad always has a Case Trapper in his pocket. On Christmas mornings I was always pleased to find a Case pocket knife in my stocking. Their knives are tough, affordable, attractive, and in my experience they come with a very sharp edge. However, until recently, I’ve never owned...

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VEPR II .308 Review

The VEPR II is a semi-automatic sporting rifle based on the RPK platform. Produced in Russia’s Molot factory, this is a real AK-type rifle. Featuring a heavy barrel and a thick 1.5 mm receiver, it’s significantly more substantial than your average AK-type rifle. The model I chose has a short 16.25-inch 1:12 chrome-lined hammer-forged barrel, a combination gas block and front sight, and is chambered for the fantastic .308 Win cartridge. A pinned and welded muzzle nut hides standard 13×1 mm threads. The advertised weight from the retailer was 7.2 pounds, but my bathroom scale tells me the rifle...

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