Author: Lil Chantilly

Pelican Rifle Long Case Review (Model 1750)

The way I see it, it is a lot of work doing the research for the parts, and finding the perfect gunsmith that understands what a woman needs in a long-range rifle. Not to mention — accuracy costs money! I am going to need a case worthy of carrying that rifle, and the dear friend who gave it to me, as a gift, fully understood that I needed a treasure box. A rugged, sleek, portable, carrying case for my dream rifle – this Pelican long case meets my needs perfectly.

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Timberline Tactical ECS-3 Knife Review

I did carry this around for a few days over the last couple of weeks. I even put it through a battery of tests including slicing rope, cutting branches, chopping potatoes, opening containers, and sawing branches. After all the “projects” I used this knife on, I can imagine how it would function out in the field. The serrations were sharp and performed well, I easily cut through ½” rope, nylon straps, and with some effort, a 1” branch from a bush in my yard. I used the straight edge portion of the blade to cut fruit, potatoes, and slice cardboard. This is where I found a slight problem: out of the box, the knife is not as sharp as you would expect from a brand new blade. I am going to sharpen it well and continue to use it, as that is the only negative thing I can say about it. Once the blade is up to my standards, I will use the heck out of it!

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Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope Review

The real question is: How does the Vortex Razor HD perform in the field? What will a long-range tactical shooter gain from using this scope? I can give you an example while using it out at the range (with a couple gentlemen far superior to me in long-range marksmanship). We found, when using a clean white paper target, we were able to resolve 6mm bullet holes at 500 yards.

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